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Obligatory Olympics post: The Active Spectator strategy

The London Cycling Campaign has set out some recommendations for the 2012 London Olympic Games:

The Active Spectator strategy

Promoting cycling and walking is a cost effective way to enable many spectators to reach Olympic venues without contributing to pollution or congestion. Walking and cycling are also highly accessible to all Londoners as well as visitors from abroad.
Cycle parking
Ubiquitous secure covered cycle parking needs to be provided at all Olympic venues and local stations.
Cycle promotion
Use of pedal cycles should be integral to all aspects of activities relating to the Olympics, including service vehicles and deliveries, as well as journeys within Olympic sites by athletes and officials.
Access for cycle users and pedestrians
Olympic facilities should be as accessible as possible to cyclists and pedestrians, within the constraints of security.
Cycle hire
Flexible cycle hire facilities at convenient London locations need to be provided for those who wish to rent bikes.
Cycle routes
An active spectator games will need dedicated routes from Central London (highest hotel capacity, and hence many visitors) to the main Olympic zones.
Integrated transport
Multi-modal journeys which include cycling will be a key factor in delivering the Active Spectator Games.
Paralympics and Disabled Spectators
The Paralympics are an opportunity for the Olympic Family to act as role models for people with disabilities, and to demonstrate the ways in which modified and companion cycles can allow them to participate as active spectators.
The Olympic Legacy
Residential and commercial developments in the Stratford area should both include adequate cycle parking and, in the case of commercial and public buildings, changing and storage areas for cyclists.

[via Competitive Cycling on Velorution]


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