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Sustrans NCN14 Ride - Sunday 19th October

We have recieved an email from Neil from Sustrans about a ride this Sunday. I'll hopefully be going along and it would be great if more Cycle Campaign members could join in.

I am planning a trail blazing ride to celebrate a new bridge opening and to highlight the next phase of completion of NCN14. For those who are not aware NCN14 is a route that starts from Darlington town centre and travels along the route of the first ever passenger railway before heading towards Stockton town centre. The route is a mixture of on and off road (off road until you get near the airport and off road again when you get into Stockton).

The ride is approximately 12 miles long and will start in Darlington town centre (outside the Dolphin Centre) at 10:00am on Sunday 19th October.

We will have a photographer and lots of flags with a few stops along the way. The pace will be gentle and relaxed. If anyone would like to join us please feel free to turn up on the day.

If you want any further information please email me - neilDOTmitchellATsustransDOTorgDOTuk (swap the DOTs and AT for dots and an at)

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