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Darlington Pedestrian Heart: Yes! You can ride your bike

Just over four years since Darlington Council agreed in principle to allowing cycling in the then to-be-created pedestrianised town centre, more than two years after work began and after two separate six month trial periods, the Cabinet of Darlington Borough Council this evening grasped the nettle and made cycling in the pedestrianised area a permanent arrangement.

By all accounts, just eight months ago in the wake of a lot of vocal opposition (despite the majority of residents being in favour), it was a very close run thing getting the trial extended for another six months. A lot of work has been carried out in the last few months to try to secure access. The town centre is a vital link in the cross-town cycle routes and having it closed to cycling would have been a major blow to cycling in the town.

The Council's officers had produced a fantastic, comprehensive report setting out all the evidence in favour of allowing cycling permanently and, thankfully, the Cabinet made their decision based upon the evidence available to them.

Darlington Cycling Campaign are overjoyed at this result.


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