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Crossing of the ETC cycle path over Arnold Road

At the Council Cycle Forum, we were asked for ideas for making the crossing of the ETC cycle path over Arnold Road cycle path safer, as riders on the ETC were able to carry a lot of speed down the slope.

We pointed out that it was a bad idea to take cyclists down a hill and then back up again, and we should have been taken onto the bridge, so it's a problem that should never have happened. Nobody suggested anything (other than a monster under the bridge), so were were told to think about it for next time.

This morning on my way to work, I noticed some spray paint marks on the cycle path, which look like the markings for where to place some barriers. We hope that this isn't the case, as it would effectively make the route unusable for anyone with an unusual bike, a trailer, panniers and possibly even people with kids on the back. If barriers are needed, ones with no gate and a large enough gap to allow unusual bikes and trailers through would be preferable and would still slow bikes down adequately to avoid a collision.

Update: Have heard back from Council. Barriers should be 3 metres apart, which sounds ok. I agree that something is probably needed to slow down cyclists, but worry that they will attract 'yoofs' and associated broken glass.

Update: Had a look on my way home from work and got some funny looks pacing out the gap between the paint marks. They're ten of my shoes apart, which is about 3 metres (I have big feet). Even after pacing them out, they look closer than that, which is why I was concerned this morning. I could get my relatively long bike between them fine, and think a trailer would get through too.

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