Thursday, June 25, 2009

Darlington: stolen bike (updated)

A silver Carrera Vulcan (black wheels, skinny Conti sports contact tyres, Flite TT saddle & big red flat pedals, LX cranks, XT mech, Avid Vs) was nicked from outside the Dolphin centre yesterday evening - all locked up through both wheels & the frame.

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Update: As a result of this theft, we noticed that it was possible to pull the vertical posts apart and so remove a horizontal bar and unthread any locks on that bar. The council have repaired the racks, and have welded the bars in place.

Extra: A teenager is appealing for help to find his bike, which was nicked from outside Darlington College a few weeks ago.


Inconvenient Truth said...

All locked up through both wheels and the frame...

Sounds like a planned job.

Inconvenient Truth said...


miketually said...

He's had a bike nicked from there before and the CCTV operators said they had no footage (though it didn't sound like they looked hard).

I've contacted the Council to see if there's a CCTV issue on those racks.

Ralph said...

It was my bike that got taken - thanks for posting it up Mike

Between 17:45 & 19:40
Locked with a Kryptonite cable type lock, not a sign of anything when I came out
It wasn't a valuable bike but I've had it for a few years & very fond of it as it got used for most of my 'buzzing' around town so I probably rode that one more than any of my bikes
I'll keep an eye on ebay & the like for a few days
thanks all

Ralph said...

whilst attending the police station today to make a full report - the PC informed me that another bike was taken off the same rack at the same time.
Mike looked at the rack & it appears that the uprights can be spread, possibly enabling a lock to be slipped through the gap between the horiz. bar & the upright
Take care when using these racks & make sure any lock is under the bottom horiz. bar

Inconvenient Truth said...

Whilst attending the "Greener Darlington Assembly" in the Dolphin Centre yesterday, I couldn't park up at these stands, as the council were working on them, I think re-setting them into the ground.

Not yet been back since the work was finished, but with any luck this will have resolved the spreadable uprights.

Well done the council if that is the case.

wuppidoc said...

Yes, I had the same "problem" yesterday, had to park my bike against a lamp post, while I was attending the conference. I think it is also time for the council to set up more cycle parking facilities here, as these four stands are very often taken (by motor bikes as well).

Anonymous said...

Can you claim off the council for your bike getting stolen due to having an unsecure bike stand?

wuppidoc said...

I am not so sure, whether they are liable but if you want to try to sue them.......but actually I would rather argue for more and better cycle stands, this one is supposed to be retro (and then thought to be beautiful) but quite useless for everyday cyclists because of the design. And it invites motorbikes to just put their thrones in between the stands, thus blocking bicycles.
Best wishes

Ralph said...


The bike has been spotted - still in Darlington & modified
My daughter spotted it & photographed it outside Prontos sandwich bar in the town
The fella in the window was the one riding it
I'd appreciate any info if spotted again 07980737638

picture here