Thursday, October 15, 2009

Riding through Darlington town centre this morning, I saw...

... a council van and trailer, parked in the contraflow bike lane on Northgate while power washing the pedestrian 'tunnel' to Union Street;

... a motorbike and a scooter parked in the bike racks outside Barratt's shoe shop, which must have both illegally ridden down Northgate to get there;

... a Citroen Piccasso waiting to get into the gated alleyway by Evans, which must have illegally driven down Northgate to get there;

... a Veolia bin wagon driving through the No Entry signs on Bondgate and then the wrong way down the one way street.

Update: and yesterday, Ralph's daughter saw his stolen bike

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Inconvenient Truth said...

I thought the anti-social behaviour team had recently expanded?