Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beauty and the Bike-What Happened Next?

The excitement of the film premiere is over. Back we go to "normal" life in Darlington. We've managed to keep the beautiful dutch bikes - in fact we're going to buy 40 more this year and expand the bike hire scheme. But how many girls will keep on cycling? We know that cycling is still "uncool" for many UK teenagers - perhaps because it feels so unsafe on our meagre infrastructure? Here, one of the girls from Beauty and the Bike, Lauren Pyrah, comes behind the camera to ask what is happening to the Darlington girls now. Kate, one of the original group, is joined by Francesca to shout the praises of everyday cycling. But Ashley has stopped. Why? And will politicians listen?

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ian... said...

Nice follow up, but what a shame that Ashley has stopped cycling again.

I wanted to get to the Manchester screening last night but was unable to unfortunately, so have ordered the DVD.

To recreate the Lass O' Gowrie pub atmosphere i'll have a few bottles of real ale on standby for when the DVD arrives!

Hope it went well.