Saturday, April 24, 2010

Child Traffic Safety - Compare and Contrast

Netherlands-based Mark Wagenbuur has just uploaded another fascinating video on his youtube channel, this time about child traffic training in the Netherlands. Little needs to be said, except that Mark states towards the end that there were 15 child traffic deaths last year in the Netherlands. This compares with 124 in the UK in 2008. The UK population is 61.4m, the Netherlands 16.5m. Do your maths. Then have a look a look at this video and think for a second about how it differs from the UK.

The vast amount of energy, money and peoples' focus on self-defence measures for cyclists in the UK appears to be diverting us from the real problems.


David Hembrow said...

It's also worth pointing out that the Dutch kids are out and about an awful lot more than British kids.

The rate of riding to school locally is virtually 100%, whatever the weather.

The potential for children to be injured is therefore much higher in the Netherlands, but it doesn't happen nearly so often because the whole basis for road safety is different.

Anonymous said...

"The potential for children to be injured is therefore much higher in the Netherlands,"

Not really. Did you watch the video?

Inconvenient Truth said...

Don't get the last comment. If nearly 100% of children cycle to school in the Netherlands, but only 5% in the UK, surely the "potential" for injury whilst cycling is much greater???