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Darlington Cycle Challenge

The Darlington Cycle Challenge is a free, incentive based initiative organised by Challenge for Change and the CTC working with the LocalMotion team at Darlington Borough Council to promote cycling in Darlington Borough.

The Challenge takes place this year between 5th July and 25th July and we're hoping to get 50 local companies to register and over 600 people logging trips during the Challenge period.

The Darlington Cycle Challenge is not about cycling to work, but just about getting people to discover the joys of cycling. By registering on our website, you are automatically entered into a draw to win a bike worth £450. People who log trips during the Challenge can win High Street shopping vouchers and people who encourage others to try riding will be given Odeon tickets.

Companies who encourage the highest percentage of staff to try cycling will also win cycling "packs" to distribute to their staff and also gain excellent positive publicity.

Please check out the website to see what is happening.

Darlington Cycle Challenge website

My workplace took part in this last year with a lot of staff getting involved, including getting a mention in a retirement speech as something that had got a colleague into cycling as something she'll continue in retirement.


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