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Launch of DARLOVELO 25th July 2010 at the Cycling Festival

On Sunday 25th July 2010 we shall launch our Bicycle Hire Scheme and Club: DARLOVELO at the Cycling Festival in Darlington's South Park!

The Cycling Festival will be on from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is open for everyone!

We shall bring brand new bicycles for you to try. They will be presented by the girls from our project "Beauty and the Bike".

All our bicycles are city bikes for your everyday transport. Most of them are comfortable red Dutch bikes with a basket for your bag and lights powered by a hub dynamo. Many of them have skirt guards and chain guards, so you can cycle with your best clothes and still look relaxed and comfy!

In Europe, Dutch bikes are used by men as well as by women, because they are wonderfully easy to ride, you have a great overview and can chat with everyone from your saddle.

At our stall there will be also "Kranks,Bicycle Servicing and Repairs": You can ask Duncan everything about bikes, their maintenance and repair. Bring your bike, he will check it.

And the Cycling Campaign members will talk to you about anything around cycling in Darlington. We shall bring maps for you to take. And we shall discuss difficult bits of infrastructure with you and give you tips how to treat awkward car drivers and how to smile at nice motorists.

You can also put wishes for social rides forward, the DARLOVELO club will take your requests and develop a social-bicycle-ride-program on the bases of your wishes.

Come along on Sunday!!!! Bring your friends, family and bicycles!!!
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