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2011 Annual General Meeting - 18th February

The Darlington Cycling Campaign is holding its Annual General Meeting this Friday, 18 February at  Darlington Media Workshop, (behind the Arts Centre, Vane Terrace). The meeting will provide an overview of what has been achieved for cyclists in Darlington throughout 2010 and will include an illustrated talk featuring current examples of Darlington’s cycling infrastructure demonstrating what has and has not been achieved. This will be followed by a question and answer session.

Darlington Cycling Campaign Chair Nick Bagshaw said:
With savage cuts looming for all public sector organizations, it is more important than ever that people take every opportunity to voice their concerns and draw attention to the issues that impact upon their daily lives. More and more people are considering using their bicycle for that short trip to the shops or to get to work. The question is does our current and planned future provision for the everyday cyclist meet that need? This is where the work of the Darlington Cycling Campaign is focused, to raise the concerns of local cyclists with the decision makers”.
The message then, is simple - if you love riding your bike, ride a bike for the convenience it offers, or would like to ride your bike more often, but have concerns about doing so, then come along this Friday and share your thoughts with some fellow cyclists.  We look forward to meeting you.

Entry is open to all and secure cycle parking is available at the Arts Centre
The event is being held at Darlington Arts Centre on Friday 18th February, starting from 7.30pm in the Media Workshop, Entry is free and open to all.

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