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A Bridge too far..............


A bridge too far........................

As a Cycle Demonstration Town,Darlington cycle users can have a hard time.We have cycle lanes,cycle routes,a cycle hire scheme and obstacles.It is the obstacles that give us the hard time.One of these obstacles is a railway bridge on the Haughton Road.It is on an arterial cycle route connecting the town centre to the Eastern Transport Corridor.The railway bridge is also on the main route to Darlington College and the newly opened College and sees a lot of traffic,vehicular,pedestrian and cyclists.
Approaching the bridge,on either side,is a cycle path.Clearly sign posted at the end/start of the cycle paths are "cyclists dismount" signs and "end of cycle route" signs.This does not prevent some cyclists using the footpaths over the bridge or using the road as shown in this short video clip.
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