Monday, November 07, 2011

Why it is not enough to just train cyclists: Infrastructure is needed if you want to get people on bikes:

David Hembrow surprises us again with an excellent post about the "efficiency" of simple training for cycling: Without the development of cycling infrastructure (where it is needed not just where it does not disturb the car) the work of e.g. "Bikeability" will be done in vain. He also argues that with the (cheap) expense for cycling infrastructure Britain could solve some of its state budget problems.


Anonymous said...

totally agree

Bruin Bear said...

Hembrow is correct. Cycle training is is fine but it does not address the fact that the road network is designed for motor vehicles. This makes the thought of cycling a daunting prospect for many, a message reinforced by images of children undertaking cycle taining wearing hi viz jackets and helmets.
The cheapest and easiset way to make streets safer for cyclists would be the introduction (and enforcement)of a blanket 20mph speed limit in all residential areas.