Friday, February 26, 2016

Royal College of Physicians Calls For More Cycling To Reduce Air Pollution Deaths

In a Royal College of Physicians report published this week, doctors have urged people to cycle to save deaths from motor-pollution.
The recommendations of the report include;
Government, employers and schools should encourage and facilitate the use of public transport and active travel options like walking and cycling. Active travel also increases physical activity, which will have major health benefits for everyone. Local transport plans, especially in deprived areas, should:

  • expand cycle networks
  • require cycle training at school
  • promote safe alternatives to the ‘school run’, based on walking, public transport and cycling instead of cars
  • encourage employers to support alternatives to commuting by car
  • promote leisure cycling
  • develop ‘islands’ of space away from traffic, for safer walking and cycling.

Read the report by following this link ->…/every-breath-we-take-lifelong…


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Gamji Tech News said...

Climate change is very serious now. I support more cycling to reduce air pollution.

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