A core aspect of Darlington Cycling Campaign's work is to liaise with our local authority when new cycling infrastructure is proposed, and to represent the cyclist's point of view regarding its design.

This work is considerable - take a look at the number of posts that relate to infrastructure - and often thankless. Infrastructure proposals are more often than not presented to us as a means of not disturbing the motorist, rather than as one of providing the best cycling infrastructure the budget will allow. Regardless, we go ahead and do our best to make the case for improvements that will really help cyclists.

In April 2010, we published a post that referred to the video work of Mark Wagenbuur in the Netherlands. In that post, we argue for the basic policy requirements for infrastructure development in Darlington. The logic is simple and obvious - the greater the amount and speed of motorised traffic, the greater the need for safe and high-quality cycling infrastructure. David Hembrow explored this logic further with a on his excellent blog.

Much of the work of consultation regarding infrastructure goes on unseen. But as new infrastructure proposals come up, we shall continue to post information and discussion material. Meanwhile, here is a selection of posts that refer to infrastructure consultations previously carried out:

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