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Darlington Cycle Forum, Next Meeting

The council are going to discuss their cycle plans for the town at the next cycle forum on 11th April at 6.15pm in the Council offices in Hopetown House, on Brinkburn Road (map). It would be great if the campaign could have some representatives there. Could 'members' let me know if they're going, and report back on proceedings?

The latest instructions include details of where to park cars, but no mention of bikes (!), so we have asked for details. Some members of the Cycle Campaign are meeting at 6pm in the Market Place, we will then ride as a group to the forum at Hopetown House (via the Pedestrian Heart). The more the merrier!

The Council's plans will be launched at an event in the Market Place starting at 11am
on Tuesday 4th April.

Update: Venue changed (again)

Forum Change of Venue

Tuesday 11 April 2006 at 6.15pm

The venue for the forum has changed again! As the Red Lion was unable to provide access for all, the meeting will now be held at the Council offices in Hopetown House, on Brinkburn Road.

The building is opposite the junction of Brinkburn Road and Wilson Street, with access to the car park gained from Darrowby Drive.

Please feel free to park in the staff car park as most people will have left by 6.15pm.

I hope to see you there and apologies for the repeated changes of plans.

Yours faithfully

Oli Lougheed
35 36 37 38