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Pedestrian Heart: Vital link for cyclists

In response to some anti-cycling posts on the Town Liar forum, Tricky tells us little about life as a bicycle commuter in Darlington and why the Pedestrian Heart is a vital link for cyclists:

I am one of at least 3 people that work at Cummins and commute from the West End of town via Coniscliffe Road. Previously, BPH, (before ped heart), we would travel through town using the Bus Lanes, in relative safety, and come out either at Stonebridge on the road or the cycle path (through Town Hall) and crossing over to Yarm Road.

Returning would have been a reverse of the route, Yarm Road, Stonebridge, Tubwell Row, Coniscliffe Road, etc.

As an experienced cyclist I have had no real problems in changing my route to now take me up and down Victoria Road, although the new road priorities on Victoria Road are making my life at little bit more dicey, but some of my other colleagues who just use the bike for commuting are finding it increasingly more difficult to get around. Only the other day another colleague from work ended up in hospital while trying to get to work via the ring road, he is now off work for at least 6-8? weeks.

Remember that these are cyclists who have been commuting for 20-30 years. My partner who is a bit of a novice has said to me if she can't ride through town then she is not going to start commuting by bike. I don't think this is what DBC had in mind when they started talking about getting people out of their cars.

It's hardly a cycle friendly town if it's not even safe to commute through town to work.

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