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Karl McCracken Guest Speaker

Leading cycling campaigner, Karl McCracken is the guest speaker at Darlington Cycling Campaign’s forthcoming open lecture event.

The second event of the new DCC season is on Friday 19th March when we welcome Karl McKraken. He has titled his illustrated talk "What's needed to make riding a bike part of the transport rather than the sports & leisure agenda"

This will certainly chime with any cyclist who views their bicycle as a legitimate means of everyday transport and yet wonders to themselves…’Surely, things could be better than this?’?

Karl’s talk will be very much an open forum, with everyone encouraged to ask questions and voice opinions. For more information on the McCracken view of everyday cycling, please visit his website at www.mccracken.me.uk

The talk is being held at Darlington Arts Centre on Friday 19th March, starting from 7.30pm in the Media Workshop, Entry is free and open to all.

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